Advantages of Car Services at the Right Time

If you think your car is an important asset then, it deserves to get the best service. Before going for any such car service it is important to plan it in advance, as it will help you to save thousands of dollars. Car service plan may sound bit unusual but it is true. First of all it helps you to figure out what parts of car needs to be serviced, what kind of fuel to change, LPG converter required and so forth.

Here are some of the advantages of car service plan:

  • It helps to figure out exact cost of your service.
  • It helps to stick to manufacturer recommended parts for your car
  • Your car service also depends on number of kilometers driven. Make a note of Kilometers, time frame and parts that require repair
  • With a proper plan it is also possible to find out major electrical and mechanical damages of your car which in turn helps you to guide your car service specialist for better service at the least possible time.
  • It helps to beat the increasing inflation. Plan for a fixed monthly installment and get your car serviced easily.
  • Plan for a car service insurance if you don’t have one

Before zeroing in on any car service provider make sure that you inquire about the car service provider. The internet is the best medium to find car service provider that matches your needs. Nowadays, most of them provide a free quote depending on the type of car you own.

LPG Conversion

With the advent of technology, the automotive industry has started providing environmental friendly service to its customers, so is the car care service industry. One such service is the LPG conversion of your vehicle. Have you ever thought switching from conventional diesel and petrol cars in to LPG is advantageous and can even get you a discount from the government?  There are specialized car service providers who help you to convert your car in to LPG and also help you to claim your rebate. Some service providers also offer you a safety certificate. LPG conversion has been made easy with the help of LPG converters. Usually you find these converters are fitted in to spare wheel or the vehicle boot. Experts say that a car owner can save up to 40% of his fuel bills by installing LPG converter. Recent statistics show that about 11 million vehicles in the world are LPG powered and environmental friendly.

There are many advantages with the LPG conversion. Basically, it decreases carbon emissions and provide lot of other ecological benefits. You need not to depend on diesel or petrol always and can avoid long queues in front of the petrol bunks. The price of LPG is way behind of the increasing global petrol and diesel costs. Certain governments also offer cut in the taxation especially if you own an LPG car. The most noticeable benefit is that you will always have an option to go back to petroleum refilling. Go LPG go green.

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